Big Brother UK S11E14 (Channel 4)

Ben and Moley are in the bathroom. He needs some consoling from Moley and Dave.

Ife is sunbathing with some HM and she says that she heard that someone could die of farting too much. JJ apologizes to Ben. Ben is really needy. He asks the HM to stick close to him.

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Big Brother S11E13 (Channel 4)

Shabbs is still very moody over what happened. She’s talking it over with Josie. Shabbs feels like shit because of Ife. She was forced.

Govan comes to the diary room. He says that he wants to go home. He’s exhausted and can’t get any sleep. He is worried about how he appears to the black community. BB suggests that he talks with one of the HM. He says that he’ll talk it over with Corin, then he goes to talk with Ife.

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Big Brother UK S11E12 (Channel 4)

Fake Beyoncé was evicted but left a little gift for Corin.

BB is waking the house up with Corin’s favourite song. Yvette wasn’t sleeping. She springs up and looks to sing in front of the camera. It’s quite pathetic really. The boys just watch the girls going at it. Corin goes to bed with make-up. A lot of make-up.

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Big Brother UK S11E11 (Channel 4)

Corin has been doing her make-up for over 3 hours. Wow. That’s a long time.

Shabbs is being a bitch, but that’s usual for her. She gets on Steve’s case for saying it’s thingie day. She whinges to Caoimhe and Fake Beyoncé. Steve tells Josie that he’s been having trouble with one of his prosthetics. One of his legs is worth £25-30 grand.

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Big Brother UK Eviction S11E10 (Channel 4)

BB plays an alarm into the house to wake up the sleeping HM. Caoimhe is still asleep. Moley and Yvette are in the kitchen. Josie is talking about cocks and hens. Josie’s Shetland pony was vicious. He ran after the kids.

Josie tells Fake Beyoncé that it’s just sexual tension between her and JJ. Shabbs naturally joins in. Josie says that JJ likes him but he doesn’t want to like him. Shabbs says that she fancies Caoimhe in a big way.

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Big Brother UK S11E09 (Channel 4)

Ben says that he has never bitched in the house, even though he wanted to. Ben says that JJ doesn’t like fake people or arrogant people. He’s particularly forthright, more than anyone else in the house. JJ and Josie are in the shower. She asks him about Fake Beyoncé. JJ still hates her. Meanwhile, Fake Beyoncé waits to use the shower in the living room.

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Big Brother UK S11E08 (Channel 4)

The nominated HM will compete for immunity. There is a twist. They will have to nominate someone else.

BB gathers all of the HM in the living room. Yvette, Dave, and Shabbs are nominated. All nominated HM have to go to the diary room. Shabbs is pissed as usual. The nominated HM have to dress up as mice. JJ thinks that the HM who wins will have to name a replacement nominee. He doesn’t know that he’s spot on. Dave goes first. He’s pretty quick and completes it in 90 seconds. Yvette can’t complete the course. She gives up. Shabbs takes over 3 minutes. Dave wins and he’s no longer nominated for eviction. He gets to nominate someone else. Corin, Shabbs, and Rachael tell him to nominate the person he gets on with least. Dave nominates Fake Beyoncé. She promptly starts to cry. Govan is angry. Whatever, they would have nominated him in a heartbeat. Everyone is consoling Rachael.

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