The Courage Pill

OK, it’s officially time for a courage pill.
Bear Grylls before leaping off and climbing over a concrete railing from a railway bridge.

Bear Grylls took it up a notch in this season of Man Vs Wild. There were some quite dangerous stunts that he performed.

Arctic Explorer Tina Sjogren Slams Bear Grylls

Arctic explorer and adventure enthusiast Tina Sjogren has slammed Bear Grylls in a recent interview. She thoroughly was flabbergasted by his advice on how to survive a fall into the ice in an arctic climate. Who is Tina Sjogren? The only woman to make it within a month to both poles in an unaided expedition. She climbed Everest too, unaided. Grylls was part of a large commercial climb and suffered from frostbite.

There are also problems with Edward Michael Grylls’ claims of being part of the famed SAS. It has been discovered that Grylls wasn’t part of the elite unit, the SAS 22, but the Territorial Army, SAS TA 21.

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More Bear Grylls Fakery

If you thought Bear Grylls was out of trouble, you are out of luck!

Bear Grylls is accused of more fakery, this time by the networks themselves!

A reader mentioned that Channel 4 has already canceled his show. The Discovery Channel are still reviewing his shows before they decide.

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Bear Grylls’ PR Nightmare

Following allegations of deceiving his viewers on his show Man Vs Wild/Born Survivor, airing on Channel 4 in the UK and the Discovery Channel in North American, both networks are reviewing the upcoming shows. They have said in a press release that the upcoming shows and repeated shows will edited to include full disclosure. This is the reason why we haven’t seen anymore episodes.

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Bear Grylls’ Show Faces Allegations Of A Fake Survival Show

Self-claimed “Born Survivor” Bear Grylls faces allegations that he misleads the viewers during his shows. It has been claimed that he spends some nights in motels and hotels instead of facing the wild in his shelters. As well, a member of the production crew said that during the “Deserted Island” episode, the crew made the raft and disassembled it for Grylls to make sure that it worked before Grylls assembled it. He also frequently talks and directs the production crew, which he claim never interfere in the survival part of his show.

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Born Survivor Bear Grylls

Urine is 95% water, so it’s safe to drink. It’s best to drink it quickly though, because it is a breeding ground for bacteria.
Bear Grylls

I was made aware of Bear Grylls by Carrie; she told me about him and his series called Man Vs. Wild on Friday. I took the time to watch the five aired episodes of season 2 yesterday. It was pretty funny. I like the fact that he only has the clothes on his back, a knife and a water bottle to help him in his quests. Unlike Survivorman, he doesn’t bother with complaining about moving about the cameras, he has a film crew following him around, which is the way it should be.

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