Millennium Falcon Light-Up Bed Does The Kessel Run Lying Down

You got to admit, no matter what you think of Star Wars, this Millennium Falcon bed just looks awesome! It makes me want to get my own!

Kayla Kromer modeling the Millennium Falcon bed

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The Bed Embedded Clock Lets You Check Time Easily

111909_rg_MeltedClock_01.jpgHow many times do you have to get up or glance at a clock while you are in bed? It happens to us quite often, but we simply love this idea of simply putting a clock underneath your bedspread and let your fingers find out the time.

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Monsters Under Your Bed at FMyLife

Today, I was lying in bed late at night trying to fall asleep. I blew my nose on a kleenex and was too lazy to get up and but it in the garbage. I threw it under my bed when I heard a whispery voice say “Thank you”. It was my little brother trying to scare me. I peed myself. FML


The Hi-Can High-Fidelity Canopy Bed


There are no two ways about it. Beds are comfortable. Sometimes, there is nothing more relaxing than lying in bed and watching a movie. Sofas and chairs aren’t always as cozy. That’s the idea behind the Hi-Can, short for high canopy. The Hi-Can bed is a smart bed, including room for a home theater system and other devices to make you never want to leave it.

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