Twelve South HoverBar Floats Your iPad 2 to Just the Right Spot

This new functional stand by Twelve South will allow you to prop up your iPad 2 right toward your perfect viewing spot, wherever you need it. While it’s clear the HoverBar is aimed at your home office or kitchen, I can see many people wanting to try it in the bathroom or bedroom too.

twelve south hoverbar 1

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When Your Bedroom Has to Double Up As Your Office

One of favorite things about setting up a new home office (or simply redecorating one) is the opportunity to plan a whole new layout. It was this very opportunity that led student, Vangelis, to a few different modifications to his IKEA bedroom, which also happens to double as his home office.

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Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow

When you’ve got little ones coming in and out of your bedroom, you need to have some kind of night light around. While most night lights are pretty standard and will work well, we like how this hack enables you to create a lighting solution that will cast a discreet ambient glow, perfect for when kids need them or when you come home late when your partner is already asleep.

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The Fantastic Bedroom Home Office

It’s true that most people will frown upon having a home office or workstation setup in the bedroom, but sometimes, you just don’t have the choice. You’ve either run out of space or you just want to have an office sanctuary away from all of the distractions in your home.

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Somnus Neu Is the Ultimate Modern Multimedia Bed

102309_rg_somnusneu_01.jpgThere is nothing more comfortable than your bed. That’s the reason why you are able to sleep in it. There is a trend in bedroom design towards multimedia beds, that include all sorts of technological gizmos that would tempt you never to leave it.
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