iPhone Dock Gives You a Hand Whenever You Need It

I sleep pretty deeply, but staring at a cold, pale, disembodied hand that holds my smartphone to stop my alarm will probably wake me up almost immediately. This smartphone stand from Harry Allen is supposed to elicit a response from anyone seeing it or touching it inadvertently in the middle of the night.

harry allen iphone hand dock

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NOOKone Alarm Clock Dock Doesn’t Dock NOOKs, Only iPhones

Getting the perfect iPhone dock for your bedside table isn’t an easy task, and as industrial designer Robert Bye points out, the existing docks have a lot of problems. According to this designer, most docks only have a single possible orientation. He aims to fix this with his new NOOKone dock.

nookone iphone dock bedside

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Ideal Timepiece iPhone Dock: Perfect Bedside Alarm Clock?

Many people a searching for the perfect iPhone dock for their bedside table, and I think most of them out there look pretty junky. I have to say that this one looks pretty cool. The Ideal Timepiece features everything you’d need from a dock near your bed, and it’s also Siri-compatible.

ideal timepiece iphone dock

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The Best of Wooden Alarm Clock iPhone Docks

120211_rg_LowTechDocks_01.jpgIf you’ve gotten tired of putting your phone on a nearby bedside table for alarm clock duty, then it’s time to find a more elegant solution to charge and store your iPhone. There are many solutions to dock your iPhone, but some of our faves are completely low tech…

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