Honeybees Have a Bite that Stuns


Honeybees are well known for their sting, but scientists have discovered that they also have a bite that stuns. Bees resort to biting when faced with pests, such as parasitic mites, that are too small to sting.

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Common Pesticides Are Severely Affecting Bees


Bees are the world’s most important pollinator, and without them the planet would quickly go hungry. All of over the world, their populations are quickly decreasing, and scientists are trying to find out why. With the widely reported Colony Collapse Disorder, which was due to a disease, finally ebbing down, new research indicates that pesticides are also to blame.

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French Bees Producing Blue and Green Honey Due to Unusual Taste Preference

A colored honeycomb from a beehive is seen in Ribeauville near Colmar Eastern France. By Vincent Kessler/Reuters

Bees in a cluster of beehives in northeastern France have been making honey in shades of blue and green, alarming bee keepers and leaving scientists to discover the reason of the occurrence. It’s now been determined that the bees have developed a taste preference for the residue from containers of the candy M&M’s processed at a nearby plant.

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Root Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

There have been reports that the root cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has been affecting North American bees since 2006 is tied to the fact that the bees immune system gets weaker if they feed on only one type of pollen at a time. The vast monocultures are to blame.

I’ve written about CCD before. A lot of people aren’t aware how dangerous the situation could get. If the bees die off, we lose the ability to farm enough food for the earth’s population. The bees are responsible for pollinating the vast monocultures of crops that are prevalent in farming today.

Guerilla Beekeepers in New York City

Beekeeping is illegal in NYC. That hasn’t stopped bee enthusiasts from keeping bees. I think that it’s a fabulous idea, especially in the wake of the collapsing colony disorder that has been plaguing the world.

Collapsing Colony Disorder

Image via wikipedia
Image via wikipedia

I’ve aware of this since about 2006. I seem to remember that a few X-files episodes dealt with something like this, or was it the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie The Happening? Anyway, collapsing colony disorder is something frightening because it jeopardizes our ability to produce crops in vast mono-cultures, crops that are needed to feed the planet. CCD is happening all over the planet and scientists yet don’t understand the exact mechanisms behind it.

The phenomenon in the US is most perplexing. Bees enter a sort of hibernation during the colder months of the year. Beekeepers put them in the storage and notice that in the spring, 40-80% of the hives are empty. Completely empty. There are no bodies, so there is no evidence of them dying out. They just disappear.

In modern agriculture, bees are essential to pollinate crops. They are imported to California and other agricultural farms all over the use to accomplish the much needed pollination. However, scientists have discovered that a large amount of pesticides are in these bees’ bodies. That and a number of other factors contribute to CCD. The problem has gotten so acute, that the US is importing Australian bees to pollinate their crops.

What it boils down it is that bees are like sentinels. If they start dying out, there is something really wrong.