Belkin iPad Mini Keyboard Case: You Knew It Was Coming

I admit that I use a keyboard sleeve with my iPad, and to be honest it makes typing on my tablet a whole lot more productive. Since the iPad Mini was released, it was just a matter of time before a keyboard case for Apple’s smallest tablet would surface.

belkin ipad mini case

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Belkin NetCam: Big Brother Is Watching You… At Night… In the Dark…

I can’t remember exactly the last time I paid for a webcam, probably 8 years ago, or something like that, however if you use your webcam a lot, it makes sense to buy something with a better sensor than the one you’ve got stuck on the top of your laptop. Check out Belkin’s NetCam, a webcam that’s got night vision.

belkin netcam

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Targeted Wireless Repeaters Improve Your Home Network

012111_rg_TargetedWirelessRepeaters_01.jpgSince wireless routers basically waste a lot of their energy blanketing a designated area with a WiFI signal, it’s no wonder that some home networks are less than efficient. Some companies are to change this in order to make smarter wireless repeaters to extend and improve your home network.

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Use Any Headphone With Your iPod Shuffle While Traveling

072809_rg_ipodbelkin_01.jpgWhen you are traveling, it’s really useful to be able to use your favorite pair of headphones for your devices. Most people have a few, but it was a bit infuriating to learn that the new iPod Shuffle couldn’t be used with those. You needed to use the special ones that came with it. That was really annoying. Thanks to Belkin, you no longer have to worry.

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Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Anyone who has been on the road has faced a situation with not enough power outlets. Then you are faced with a decision: which device do I charge first? Belkin has just come up with an idea to solve this quandary. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector is a pocket-sized power strip that includes three outlets and a pair of USB jacks to power up all of your gadgets.

The really nice thing is that it’s small enough to fit in your bag or suitcase, even you laptop bag without being too cumbersome. This is a nice way to end the fight for socket space at your next port of call. It’s available for $25 at Belkin.

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Belkin Energy Saving Power Outlet

As you may already know, leaving many of your devices plugged into a wall socket or power outlet means that they are consuming electricity even when you aren’t using them. This adds up if you have a lot of devices and gadgets that are always plugged in. The simple way around this is to physically unplug them and plug them in only when they are in use, but that can easily get tedious.

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