Bender Toque: Facing Winter With Robots

I’ve always loved toques, but I have shied away from decorative ones. Check out this Bender toque that was crocheted by hand by Cheewawamomma!

bender futurama toque knit crochet fun

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Futurama Plush Toys Arrive from the 30th Century

Although I like Zoidberg the least among these squishy characters from Futurama, he probably makes the best plush toy since he reminds me of the almighty Cthulhu.

futurama plush toys zoidberg bender nibbler

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Bender Hates Mondays, Just Like You!

Ah, Mondays. Thankfully, we’re already Tuesday, so heck, Monday went by pretty fast. Still, I don’t really like Mondays. I really like Fridays, how about you guys?

bender futurama hate mondays week

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Beerbot Shirt: Is That A Bottle Opener On Your Chest, Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

While I don’t drink enough to need an actual t-shirt that has an integrated beer opener, I guess that for some people, this might be very handy indeed, especially during Spring Break.

beerbot t-shirt geek wear bender futurama thinkgeek

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Futurama Complete DVD Collection Comes in a Bender Head

If you haven’t heard, the new season of Futurama just started on Comedy Central. In last night’s episode, Mom Robots released a new and updated version of their eyePhone, a phone that is pushed right into your eye! To celebrate this insanity, all of the seasons of Futurama have been collected in a robot head, which is  Bender’s. (Although surprisingly not President Nixon’s head in a jar!)


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Life Size Bender Will Bend Your Socks Off!

One of the best things in Futurama was Bender. Sure, the professor was cool, but Bender just had that certain appeal, especially with his robotic drinking and smoking ways.

bender futurama cartoon replica

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