The Best in IKEA Hacks Best of 2011

We love our IKEA hacks since the furniture is moderately affordable and easily modified to suit our needs, whatever they might be. While the standard all-IKEA look might look dated, there’s nothing stopping you from hacking your heart out, to customize your furniture to what you want it to look like. Here are our favorite hacks from 2011.

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The Best Widgets for Your Dashboard

111111_rg_BestWidgets_01.jpgDepending on what kind of a user you are, you might use or ignore the widgets on your Dashboard. Lion has made them easier to access, thanks to a swipe gesture, but what widgets will serve you best? Here’s a rundown on what we like to keep on our Dashboard.

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The Best Educational Apps for College & University

102511_rg_SchoolApps_01.jpgAs yesterday’s infographic post illustrated, the days of just book in the backpack for students is long gone. Students are hooked up on tech, hooked in with social networks, and downloading a plethora of different apps to do their homework, complete assignments. Here are some of the best student-classroom apps to help get those assignments done like student of the 21st century…

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The Best in Light Switch Plates: Savings & Security

There’s something that bothers us about simple light switch plates. They are very simple, but the switch that is the most common sticks out of the wall and we’d like something new. Also, the newer touch-based light switch plates can get confusing in the dark, especially the ones with a touch-based dimmer. However newer light switch plates can save you money in the long run, and have some safety features, which will help make your home more secure, particularly when you’re away.

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Unusual and Alternative PC Cases For Any Budget

Anyone who’s had a few PCs will tell you that you can make yours look like anything, if you’ve got the right case. While some cases are a bit too ostentatious and customized, there are quite a few that would look stellar on anyone’s desk. Here are the ones that we liked that will fit any budget.

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Best Antivirus Software For PCs That We’ve Used

There are so many options, and so many different antivirus software available right now, that it can get really confusing on what to buy or download for your computer. Every computer needs an antivirus scanner, even if you have a Mac. That being said, here are our picks.

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To The Drunk Hottie That Fell Off My Motorcycle

To the drunk hottie that fell off my motorcycle, in the best of Craigslist.

The 10 Best Ipod Docks Best of 2008

Everyone who has an iPod or an iPhone needs a dock. There’s no way around this fact. There’s always the possibility of putting one together yourself or about connecting your iPod to your stereo system, but it’s just easier to have a dock to take care of that. Most of the time, you just plug in your iPod and you’re ready to listen to your tunes. That being said, there are thousands of different models on the market. Here we’ll show you ten of our favorites from this year. Read on to find out more.