4 Stylish IKEA Besta Media Console Hacks

051812_rg_StylishBestaHacks_01.jpgFinding the right media console isn’t always easy, especially when you need it to accommodate a large screen. While getting something custom-made is always an option, we prefer to think of more thrifty ways of furnishing our place. Here are some of the smart ways you can make your own IKEA Besta personalized.


Faux-Upholstered IKEA Besta Home Entertainment Center

011811_rg_UpholsteredBesta_01.jpgOne of the reasons people enjoy hacking and changing IKEA furniture is because the are so popular, and they want to set theirs apart from the rest. Usng an IKEA Besta as a home entertainment center is nothing new, but this is the first time we’ve seen anyone upholster one to give it more charm. It’s definitely an option to consider if you’re planning on getting something like this.

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Gabriele’s Asymmetric IKEA Besta Hack From Italy

121410_rg_BestHackHome_01.jpgThis interesting-looking home entertainment center hack comes courtesy from Gabriele, and there are some good reasons why it stands out from the crowd. It’s wall-mounted, so it seems to float and it’s asymmetrical, which is always a nice touch when you want something distinctive.

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