Final Frame Di-Cyle Concept: Right Out of Science-Fiction

This might look like a modern art or a stationary bicycle, but it’s actually a concept by GBO called Di-Cyle. It looks like a bike out of Star Wars and it’s designed to function on land or on water. The concept looks cool, but it seems heavy. it will take a lot of brawn to move it around, and don’t even mention parking!

Specialized S-Works Enduro SL Carbon

At a whopping $7700, the Specialized S-Works Enduro SL Carbon is one heck of a bike. The only criticism that I have is that it’s a wee bit pricey. A Cannondale Scalpel is almost $2-3K cheaper.

However, the Enduro is a great all-mountain bike. It climbs well, descends well and has 6″ of travel. Another thing is that Specialized has decided to go with their own brand of shocks, seat posts, saddles, stems, tires and forks, instead of using other brands. I’ve researched this and it’s obvious that the tires are shitty. Fork looks fine, but it’s had some issues, same as the rear shock. Personally, I’d expect to get premium flawless parts on such a high-end bike. Then again, the frameset is available for purchase, so you can mount your bike the way you wish.

The carbon fiber frame alone is about $3900. You only save 3lbs over the aluminum version, which makes you wonder if it’s worth the extra two grand. Comparatively, the Cannondale carbon fiber frame Scalpel is $2500. My feeling though is that the Scalpel is an XC type of bike. The Scalpel 2007 frames are available for as low as $800 on ebay.

Just like the Scalpel, this is one good looking bike. It has beautiful lines and doesn’t compromise for bikers wanting a lot of travel for downhill racing. Fully specced out, it can weigh about 26-27lbs.

Here is a great initial review over at mtbr.

Taizhong Mountain Bike

Today I went to Taizhong to check out a mountain bike. I was told it was about 3-4 years old and had less than 100 miles on it. It was a downhill racing mountain bike, so it wouldn’t be a lot of use going uphill. Still, I was thinking of adapting it to daily use.

All the components are the best in their class and have less than 100 miles on them. It is worth pretty much three times what I am asking, but not many people want such a serious bike.

What was supposed to be a quick meet, greet and inspection turned into something completely else as we searched for a bike shop to service the said bike. The shifter wasn’t working. To get it specced up like I wanted, I’d have to buy a new crank, a new front derailleur and new shifters.

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