BMW i Pedelec Electric Bike: Stash It in Your Prius and You’re Ready to Go

I’ve never been a fan of electric bikes, but I can see a use for them, especially for people who need the extra help to get a move on. Most electric bikes are also a bit bulky, making them less than convenient for everyday use. That said, BMW just released a new concept for a foldable electric bike, that you’ll be able to stash almost anywhere.

bmw i pedelec electric bike

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Peugeot DL 122: The Bike for the Computing Commuter

Commuting on bikes is becoming more and more popular, with the rising costs in for fuel and public transportation and the reward that you can actually get fit while getting to work on time. Here’s an interesting concept for an urban commuter bike designed by Lauren Picard for Peugeot, the French car maker.

peugeot dl 122 01

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Overade Folding Bicycle Helmet: No Excuses Anymore

I’ve been in a couple of biking accidents over the years, and lucky for me, I always wear a helmet, no matter what the temperature. However, I can see that having a bulky helmet around can get annoying, especially if you use your bike to go everywhere. The Overade folding bicycle helmet is designed take up a lot less space, so you won’t have any excuse to leave your helmet behind.

overade folding bike helmet

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Ridekick Trailer Turns Any Bike Into an Electric Bike

Have you ever wished that you had an electric bike, especially while hauling groceries home from the store? Well the Ridekick trailer promises to do everything an electric bike does, plus offer you some extra storage space as well. It also allows you to unhitch the trailer and go without using electric power.

Ridekick Trailer Power Bike Electric 01

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ALPHA: The World’s Most Innovative Bike?

While to many people, bike tech doesn’t seem to evolve much, there are refinements every year making bikes somewhat more efficient than just a decade ago. But that doesn’t stop some people from wanting a quantum leap in tech advances. A team of University of Pennsylvania mechanical engineering students have been working on a prototype bike that boasts a bunch of innovations. It’s called ALPHA.

alpha bike bicycle tech future upenn

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20 KM Dusk Bike Ride Banciao Yonghe

Xindian river, photo by David

I’ve been off the saddle for a few months due to injuries. In December, I sprained my ankle somewhat seriously. In January, I had surgery and in February, I had a big scooter accident. I’ve been itching to get back on the bike, but my right knee hasn’t fully recovered but today, I felt like going out on a short ride. While I had initially planned on doing almost double, I decided to be conservative. That and the fact that the Xindian riverside park was filled with families made me opt for a shorter ride.

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Lunartic Belt-Driven Hubless Bicycle: This is the Future of Cycling?

Hubless wheels aren’t new, but combining those with a belt drive definitely make for a distinctive bike. The hubless bike is supposed to be as compact as possible, without having to fold it or being awkward to ride.

luke douglas belt driven bike bicycle hubless compact design

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2011 Specialized McLaren Venge

Specialized Venge McLaren

Aero is the word in cycling for 2011. Specialized launched their Venge last week with much fanfare. The S-Works model will be available for purchase by the end of April. The McLaren Venge will be available in September. Cavendish already rode one to victory last week. That bodes well for this model.

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Asterisk*Cycles @ Taipei Cycle Show

Colnago Master 55

I will be heading out the the Taipei Cycle show on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be there on Friday most of the day, so if you want to check a few things out, grab lunch, or just hang out, send me an email or SMS. The show starts today, but I have no time to go there. I will be available under Asterisk Cycles.

2011 Colnago C59 Italia

Close up of the downtube

The 2011 Colnago C59 Italia is a bit of an understated frame, but it definitely a great ride if you’re looking for stiffness and comfort. You could almost call it a sleeper, since it does use similar technology as the EPS and other Colnago models. As with the EPS, the C59 is handmade in Italy. None of the process has been outsourced to Asia. The C59 comes in a Di2 model for cyclists looking to install Shimano Dura Ace Di2.

SRAM Red-equipped C59s start out at around $6,100 USD, Campy Super Record 11 C59s start at around $7,000 USD. We’ve got access to the complete product lines of most of the component makers out there, so you can fit your C59 out anyway you want, from ultra-light carbon bits from AX-Lightness, to more traditional companies.

Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to order your Colnago C59.