Tag: Big Brother 12

  • Big Brother UK Final S12E71 (Channel 5)

    Alex says something about Tom being evicted, but I can’t understand her. Tom’s eviction is being played to M83’s Midnight City off their new album *Hurry Up We’re Dreaming*. We see Alex ludicrous cries at not being with Tom for the final. Aaron has trouble understanding the boos that he got. Why is he being […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E70 (Channel 5)

    Now, who’s going to get the boot tonight? It’s a live eviction show before the finale tomorrow. Who will go? Either Tom or Louise. Alex is cuddling with Tom in the bathroom. He tells her that she needs some deo. Jay is in the diary room talking about Aaron again.

  • Big Brother UK S12E69 (Channel 5)

    There are 3 days left. Aaron and Jay haven’t spoken, even if they were in the bathroom together and smoking together. It’s getting to Jay. They start talking. Jay says that he did it because he wanted to get something. Aaron is just digging a hole for himself. Jay comes to talk to the HM. […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E68 (Channel 5)

    It’s the morning after the party. The house is a mess. Aaron is up making his tea. He makes some for the HM as well. I think Tom and Lou get some. Jay and Lou haven’t gotten up. BB calls them to the diary room. They are told off.

  • Big Brother UK S12E67 (Channel 5)

    Today is Alex’s 19th birthday and tomorrow it’s Tom’s 21st. BB has some surprises for the two HM. They are woken up to the Macarena. It looks like everything is getting to Aaron. Lou and Jay talk about ladyboys. Jay says that he slept with a trans person. He didn’t know it at the time. […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E66 (Channel 5)

    I think I wouldn’t have minded if Lou left. She doesn’t have as much of an impact in the BBUK house as Faye. Also, she doesn’t show her bum as much as Faye. Aaron comes to the diary room. He says that Tom is acting up for the cameras, and didn’t like losing the money. […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E65 (Channel 5)

    It’s eviction day and Faye will get evicted tonight. Overnight, BB has removed the prize money from the wall. Aaron is the first to notice. He tells the HM. Aaron comes for a chat with BB. BB says that all will be revealed shortly. He tells the HM. Jay opens up the wall and takes […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E64 (Channel 5)

    Faye ate 4 eggs. Jay ate 6. Between them, they ate all of the eggs. Actually, Alex had 2. Aaron is peeved off. Faye and Lou are in bed discussing love. Faye is wearing these hot pants, that show off her bum. The shots show her bum quite nicely. Lou says that she loves Jay. […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E63 (Channel 5)

    The house is filthy again. What else is new? The filthy HM have given up cleaning and they are living in squalor. Some UK TV personality comes to inspect the BBUK house. She’s disgusted. The HM are still asleep while she inspects. The HM are awoken to some music. For some reason, Aaron is dancing […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E62 (Channel 5)

    There are 10 days left in the BBUK house. This morning, Aaron and Faye are back on. Tom isn’t speaking to Aaron. He’s being rude. Even when he’s being rude, Aaron brings him a cuppa. Tom doesn’t even budge. He says ta.