Tag: Big Brother

  • Big Brother UK S12E64 (Channel 5)

    Faye ate 4 eggs. Jay ate 6. Between them, they ate all of the eggs. Actually, Alex had 2. Aaron is peeved off. Faye and Lou are in bed discussing love. Faye is wearing these hot pants, that show off her bum. The shots show her bum quite nicely. Lou says that she loves Jay. […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E63 (Channel 5)

    The house is filthy again. What else is new? The filthy HM have given up cleaning and they are living in squalor. Some UK TV personality comes to inspect the BBUK house. She’s disgusted. The HM are still asleep while she inspects. The HM are awoken to some music. For some reason, Aaron is dancing […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E62 (Channel 5)

    There are 10 days left in the BBUK house. This morning, Aaron and Faye are back on. Tom isn’t speaking to Aaron. He’s being rude. Even when he’s being rude, Aaron brings him a cuppa. Tom doesn’t even budge. He says ta.

  • Big Brother UK S12E61 (Channel 5)

    Everyone looks miserable. By breaking ranks, Aaron really messed up. Lou comes to the diary room. She hasn’t slept. Lou says that she knew what she was doing.

  • Big Brother UK S12E60 (Channel 5)

    I haven’t been that impressed with the nominations twists. HM are unaware that they will nominate later today. Faye is making breakfast. Lou comes to the diary room. Lou says that she’d probably keep £10K. The rest, she’d give to her family.

  • Big Brother UK S12E59 (Channel 5)

    Aaron and Faye have a morning snuggle in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jay and Lou are trumping. Aaron comes to the diary room. He says that the house has paired off. Aaron can’t fathom their inane conversations. They are like children. Jay and Lou are in love. He’s also getting along well with Faye.

  • Big Brother UK S12E58 (Channel 5)

    There are 14 days left in BBUK. The board has changed. There is a suitcase filled with money on it and four green spots for the four finalists. I want to snort ya armpits and sweat. Jay to Lou All of the HM come to the diary room. They’d like to win it. They all […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E56-57 (Channel 5)

    It’s eviction time and I think that Faye will get evicted. She was one of the replacement nominees for Jem, who walked out of the BBUK house. A brand new vote started up when they were nominated. Faye wakes up in a good mood. Faye and Aaron snuggle and kiss in bed. Tom says that […]

  • Big Brother UK S12E55 (Channel 5)

    Jem has been tossing and turning all night. She’s supposed to finally leave the BBUK house. Good riddance! Harry is annoyed by the whole rigamarole. Lou wants her to stay.

  • Big Brother UK S12E54 (Channel 5)

    So tonight, Jem will walk out of the house. Aaron hasn’t budged today. He’s still in bed. Last night, Alex and Tom hooked up a bit under the covers. Jay is trying to talk Aaron out of leaving. He tells Faye that he’s a bit numb and doesn’t know what to think.