Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E04 (E4)

Ian Wright is the next celebrity hijacker. Most of the HM are in the bedroom. They have been awake for 3 hours. Jay and Latoya are in the bathroom. Emilia admits to Anthony that he is her favorite. He says so as well. She then says the same thing to Jeremy who is listening in on their conversation. Big Ian asks the HM to gather on the sofas. Jade keeps saying “assmates” instead of HM mocking Big Ian’s accent. I can’t tell if it’s annoying Jade or Amy. Actually I watched the footage again and it’s idiotic Jade. She’ll be the first to go in my opinion, what a twat. Today’s task involves sensory deprivation.

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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E03 (E4)

Matt Lucas arrives dressed as a woman. He looks funny. He is impersonating someone called Gladys. He plays a song and some of the girls dance to it on their beds. Jay goes to the diary room. He thinks that Jade will start to piss him off.

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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E02 (E4)

The first half of the hijack show features the antics of John under the control of Matt Lucas. It’s pretty funny. Later, they have a party because John completed his task.

The HM are sharing their talents. Jeremy knows a bit of Nathan’s music. Anthony is in the diary room and is talking about John.

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Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E01 (E4)

The format has changed once again. This time, there weren’t any open auditions. The BB team chose individuals from around the country for their special talent. The HM will be in the BBUK house for only 26 days. A celebrity will hijack the BBUK house. The first one is comedian Matt Lucas.

John is the first HM in the house. He is a Scot and member of the youth parliament in Scottish. The first celebrity hijacker is Matt Lucas. He takes the role of BB and can make the HM do whatever he wants, even if it’s against the rules.

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