Michael Rogers On A Scott Plasma During 2010 Tour of California

Michael Rogers on a Scott Plasma

This is an incredible shot of Michael Rogers from HTC Columbia riding his Scott Plasma a few days ago in the Amgen Tour of California. More photos here. The Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall can be seen behind him.

Big Shots S01E04 (ABC)

This drama is intended for 18-49 year old males. With most of the action happening in boardrooms, maybe this show is intended for an older audience, let’s say something like 25-60. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. As I have mentioned before, Big Shots is like Desperate Housewives but for men.

Cameron makes an interesting discovery about her mom. She also learns a few new things about her dad. Karl continues to deal with his crazy situation. Marla is completely mad. James has to juggle his new single life with his work. The little black book still remains lost to the boys.

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Big Shots S01E03 (ABC)

Things are going well for ABC. They have ordered a full 22 episode season of Pushing Daisies. Things aren’t going so well for CBS. They canceled Viva Laughlin after only two episodes. I wasn’t surprised of that.

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Big Shots S01E02 (ABC)

I had to check just to make sure.

Sure that Big Shots wasn’t written, created and produced by the same people behind Desperate Housewives. The resemblance to that soap opera is uncanny. Just because the target audience is composed mostly of 18-49 year old males means that Big Shots is called a drama…

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Dirty Sexy Money S01E02 (ABC)

It’s as I mentioned earlier today, Dirty Sexy Money is a lot like Big Shots. Between the two, I prefer Big Shots. Big Shots is like Desperate Housewives for men. Just look at the Big Shots wiki page. You have all the qualifications of the characters. My wife said it and I agree: it’s a mimbo show.

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Big Shots S01E01 (ABC)

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer Big Shots to Dirty Sexy Money. Is that saying much though? I honestly don’t know because I’ve come to realize that Big Shots is Desperate Housewives for men.

All the stories that make Desperate Housewives such a success with women have been transposed into Big Shots, trying to please men. You got men with affairs, men who are divorced, men having affairs with tranny hookers and men being cheated on by their wives.

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