LG 84-Inch UHD 3DTV: Forget Your Bank Account – Is Your Room Even Big Enough?

There’s something to be said about big-screen TVs: they can always get bigger. LG has announced the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV. The mammoth UD 3DTV also comes with a couple of smart features and over 8 million pixels per frame.

lg ud 3dtv 84 inch television

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Jawbone Big Jambox Speaker: The Jambox Grows Up

If the diminutive Jambox is too small for your amplifying tastes, then check out the Big Jambox that Jawbone just released. It’s basically the same as the Jambox, except that it’s bigger. It’s still wireless and will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

big jambox 1

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LEGO Tonka Heavy Assault Truck Ready to Crush Your Minifig Army

This incredible LEGO build was dubbed the Tonka Heavy Assault Truck by its creator Karf Oohlu. It sports a massive array of guns and looks quite huge. Apparently, it can shoot a lot of volleys, thanks to all of its weapons.

lego tonka assault truck build toys karf oohlu fun

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Sharp LED LCD 70-Inch Aquos HDTV: Bigger Than Your Friends’ TVs

You got to admit that a 70-inch HDTV is pretty big. Prices have come down significantly for big screens, and the Sharp Aquos brand is no different. Their biggest LED LCD HDTV is probably bigger than a lot of your friends, at 5’10″ diagonal. Heck, hopefully you won’t have trouble finding a space that’s big enough to showcase it.

sharp aquos 70-inch led lcd hdtv tv

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