Musguard Rollable Bike Fender: Never Get Splashed Again!

Most of the time, you don’t need a bicycle fender except the few times that it rains when you’re out and about. We all know that when it starts to pour, your wheel will send lots of dirty water all over your rear end, which can get really annoying.

musguard kickstarter bike fender

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Tech You’ll Always Want With You While Biking

Depending on where you’re located, a lot of people enjoy going out for dusk bike rides, going out just a few minutes before the sun sets to make sure that they can ride their bike without getting nasty sunburn. I usually set out 30 to 45 minutes before sundown. That gives me ample time to get a bike ride in before it gets pitch dark. However, what kind of tech should you take with you on these nearly nighttime rides?

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Osprey Raptor Hydration Packs

Osprey Raptor 6
Osprey Raptor 14

There is something pretty neat about the new Osprey Raptor hydration packs: they use hydraulic pressure to bring water through the tube. No more sucking. It just flows. There is also a hiking/running line called Mantra. The Raptor is available in 4 sizes, (6, 10, 14 and 18), and uses a customized integrated Nalgene hydration bladder that has a solid back, which locks into the pack easily, even when it’s full. There is a system that puts pressure on the bottle, which in turn spouts the water. That is a great idea. They also have a bungee helmet button system to hold your helmet. They will range form $80 to $120.

That looks like a smoking pack and would be excellent as a day pack on rides. My hydration bladder broke last year. I have been meaning to get another. Instead, I’ll just get a Raptor pack. Seems like a win-win situation. This has teh benefit or being able to work on road rides and MTB rides. Once I get a training road bike, I’ll mount my stubby tires again and go MTBing. Now, all I have to see if a few odds and ends, like a notebook and a laptop, can fit into the pack as well. I’ve been using a Osprey Atmos 25 and 35 since 2007 as my main packs. They are slim and streamlined. I usually wear them on my scooter or on my bike. Though they Atmos is great, it’s not a bike specific pack and I’ve been meaning to find something.

The Atmos 25 is pretty gruddy and needs to be washed. The Atmos 35 has been used less since I almost always take the 25 out. They aren’t great for books, as they are streamlined. I get the idea that this is true for the Raptor as well. However, I’ve got a 13″ notebook, so it might not be that much of an issue.

The new Arc’Teryx hydration bags, which will only be available in the spring of 2010, look pretty darn ordinary compared to this Osprey.

Giant Anthem 0: From Taiwan to Canada and back to Taiwan

My 07 Giant Anthem 0
My '07 Giant Anthem 0

Seems kind of ridiculous if you think about it, but that’s actually what happened. The MTB craze hit me when I was leaving Taiwan to spend some time in Canada. I almost made a fatal mistake and bought a downhill racer bike second hand from a guy before heading to Canada. Oddly enough, I didn’t know anything about MTBs. I used to do a lot of road racing when I was younger, but I stopped a long while ago. Having spent almost 9 months with a bunch of guys keen on biking, I started researching earnestly. I was trying to find a second-hand MTB, a XC racer. Specifically, I was trying to get a bike from a biker that wasn’t too heavy, so that the frame wouldn’t be too bent out of shape. Also, he had to have my shape.

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14.2 KM Bike

Took my bike out with my roommates to La Vie Sportive, a sporting goods store in Quebec City. Ended up buying nothing, but enjoying the ride. I couldn’t quite make it up the steep hill of Côte Bradelard on the way back. I started out in the wrong gear, and this made it impossible to power my way up standing on the bike. The gear was too low. I needed a higher gear. Once off the bike, I didn’t get back up on it until I was up the hill. It actually makes me want to return back there and try it again.

This was my first experience riding in traffic as a biker. I can’t say that I enjoyed that part, but it was still fun riding my bike. My ass is hurting, so I’ll have to get a chamois bib or something like that ASAP. I wanted to get some running clothes and I almost got them, but in the end, they were too expensive for what they were and I knew that I could get way cheaper online. I tried out a lot of things of brands I liked so that I knew my size.