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Scientists Map Initial Anti-Aging Formula


A new study indicates that scientists have found a new way of delaying the aging process in mice, and they hope to replicate the finding in people.

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New Nano-Scale Device Can Weigh Individual Molecules


A gold particle five nanometers in width weighs just a few megadaltons, a tiny unit of measure used in biochemistry that is equivalent to the atomic mass unit. However, researchers at the California Institute of Technology and CEA-Leti, a government-funded research organization in Grenoble, France, have built a scale that weighs single objects, including nano-particles and human antibody molecules. It’s the first device of its kind that can be used to determine the masses of individual molecules.

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Amino Acid Organocatalyst Halves Synthesis of Prostaglandin-Class Drugs


Prostaglandin class drugs are a class of hormone-like chemicals that influence processes including blood circulation and inflammation. Their use offers a way to churn out different versions of the molecules thanks to organocatalysis, an organic chemistry discipline that speeds up chemical reactions with the help of carbon-based molecules to avoid the drawbacks of metal catalysts.

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