Fast DNA Origami Allows Molecules to be Folded in Minutes


A new study indicates that DNA strands can be coaxed to fold into shapes in a matter of minutes. This could speed up progress in the field of DNA origami.

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First Electron Microscope Image of DNA Double Helix


The structure of DNA was originally discovered by using X-ray crystallography, which involves scattering X-rays off atoms in crystallized arrays of DNA to form complex patterns of dots on photographic film. Images were then interpreted using complex mathematics. These new images are now direct pictures of DNA strands, seen through an electron microscope, which sees electrons rather than photons.

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Bacteria-Resistant Hospital Fabrics That Actively Fight Microbes


Scientists have developed fully sterile fabrics by using enzymes that adhere antimicrobial particles with textiles. These fabrics could help eliminate infectious bacteria from medical textiles.

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Molecular Nano-Machine Assembly Mimics Human Muscle Movement


An assembly of thousands of nano-machines has been put together to produce a coordinated contraction movement, extending up to ten centimeters, akin to the movement of muscular fibers. They were synthesized by a CNRS research team from the Institut Charles Sadron.

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