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A Week in Saigon


I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking, but I ended up booking red-eye flights for my whole vacation for CNY this year. It was what was available on the dates that I wanted to fly, and I was in no position to complain much about it, because I had booked the flights in January.
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Longest Vacation Ever

It’s been a long year of work, but I’m finally heading on vacation for CNY starting next week. I have about 3.5 weeks off and I’m heading to Dumaguete in the Philippines to do some scuba diving. Then I’ll be visiting Saigon in Vietnam and bus-ing my way into Cambodia and the temples at Angkor.

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Ceramic Circuit Board Speaker Is Wafer Thin and Probably Insanely Expensive

This funky ceramic speaker has got a long history, which starts off with Japanese footballer/fashion icon Nakata Hidetoshi, whose Revalue Nippon Project is basically a way to marry and revitalize traditional Japanese crafts with modern designs.

nendo japan circuit board speaker ceramic

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The Longest Way

This is Christoph Rehage‘s journey across China. He shaved his head on the start of it and let it grow during his 4,646 km walk across China. Initially, he wanted to walk all the way back to Germany. This is what you get from stitching the photos and videos together. His blog, The Longest Way, is currently down.

AP Isn’t Silly But Reuters Gets It

AP’s senior vice president Jane Seagrave denied the news agency’s recently launched content tracking system would target bloggers, saying, “We want to stop wholesale misappropriation of our content which does occur right now … Are we going to worry about individuals using our stories here and there? That isn’t our intent. That’s being fueled by people who want to make us look silly. But we’re not silly.”


Charging bloggers $2.5 a word? Sounds like total BS to me. Most bloggers aren’t paid…

Thankfully, Reuters isn’t that stupid. They encourage people to link, quote and blog their content.

Almost Caught Up Blogging Backlog

It’s my first morning off in a while and I finally managed to almost catch up on my blogging backlog. With freelancing, working and training, there isn’t much time left at the end of the day. I’ve got to manage time more efficiently. It’s TGIF and tonight, I’m going to be off.

Someone mentioned a music festival, though I don’t plan on going. I’ll probably go running and biking instead.

Tweeters FMyLife

Today, my coworker came over to my desk and told me that I should protect my Twitter updates, because I had unknowingly made them public. My tweets include drinking stories, all the men I’ve hooked up with, various cuss words, sexual innuendos, and how much I hate my coworkers. FML


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