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Scientific Study Proves Blogging Therapeutic for Teens


Over the recent years, with the boom in texting and online social networks, teenagers have been developing new ways of dealing with their emotional problems. A new study has shown that there is a therapeutic value in blogging. While many people see writing as a form of therapy, the study highlighted the issue faced by teens.

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Arianna Huffington & Her Blogger Slaves

You can find this memorable quote in this article:

I think that this was a long time coming. Freelancing, although it can be fruitful for paid freelancers, can be very bad if you aren’t paid at all to make a company like AOL millions. The Huff Post exploits this.

10 Handmade Gifts for Gadget Lovers Best Green Gifts 2010

Once you’ve got your favorite gadget, it’s time to accessorize it so that you can make it look apart from all of the others that are around. There are a number of different types of covers, socks, sleeves and bags available so that you can set your toys apart. When you go handmade, you go for uniqueness, since these accessories are usually sold in a very small number.

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Lift Up Kitchen Doors: Sleek Convenience or a Hassle?

120810_rg_LiftUpKitchenDoors_01.jpgWhen you’re opting for a sleek and minimal look in your kitchen, lift up doors are an effective way to hide away appliances like microwaves and ovens when not in use. This is definitely an good option for people with kitchens without integrated appliances. But while they look very nice, will looks trump function and hamper the everyday use in the kitchen?

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Can You Live Without An Internet Connection At Home?

110110_rg_LiveWithoutInternet_01.jpgEven after you’ve canceled a lot of your monthly bills, like cable and the landline, there’s still the Internet connection. Can you easily live without one? It all depends on what exactly you do, but in modern times, it’s really hard to imagine living without high-speed Internet at home.

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What’s the Best Computer Monitor Size?

With a lot of people using their laptops as a desktop computer replacement, you’d think that smaller monitors might be better, but in all honesty, if you’re looking for a new monitor, your best bet is to read on to find out what we think about computer monitor sizes.

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New Laptop Tricks: What You Should Do With Your Baby

You’ve agonized and spent a long few weeks going over which laptop to buy, and now that you’ve got your new laptop, what should you do? There are a couple of things that are usually really good to do, so that you keep you laptop for as long as possible.

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