Sony S5100 Blu-Ray Player: Don’t Cut Yourself on Those Sharp Angles!

I know of many people these days who use their PS3 gaming consoles as their main Blu-ray player, but this new standalone player from Sony looks pretty cool too.

Eschewing the curvaceous lines of the PS3, the Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player has a sleek angular design.

sony s5100 blu ray player

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Tony Hsu’s Epic Star Wars Art: From the Blu-Ray Box Set to your Screen

If you recently got your Star Wars Blu-ray box set, you’ll probably recognize these awesome digital paintings by Tony Hsu. You can find them inside the booklet and on the discs themselves. They look quite amazing.

tony hsu star wars boxset blu-ray art digital painting

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Real Alternatives to Blu-Ray Discs: Going Digital

120310_rg_BluRayAlt_01.jpgWhile some people clearly disagree with the opinion that Blu-Ray discs don’t really matter anymore, there are a number of viable alternatives, especially for users who don’t have an HDTV and consume all of their media from their laptops or desktops.

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Blu-Ray and Why It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, Blu-Ray won the war of the formats. For some reason, it reminds us what happened between Beta and VHS. For now, Blu-Ray is the format that reigns for watching high-quality shows and movies. Let me tell you this, I haven’t seen, watched, or bought a Blu-Ray disc. Read on to find out more.

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Sharp Aquos: A New Way To Reduce Your Cable Clutter

One of the things that’s so frustrating with home theater systems is the amount of wires that are just lying around. There isn’t that much you can do about them, unless you are ready to find some inventive way to reduce the clutter. Naturally, when a room is designed to be a home theater room, this is a lot easier. That’s not the situation of most of us. Most of us live with some kind of a stand with a TV on top and a DVD player somewhere underneath. Also, the TV receiver box is somewhere under there. It just gets worse when you add even more devices, like the components of a stereo system.