Bluelounge Mika Universal Stand: One Stand to Rule All Stands

Once you start accumulating multiple mobile gadgets, it’s probably time to get a decent stand for those times when you don’t want to hold your devices in your hand or on your lap. However, it makes no sense to have a stand for each of your mobile devices. That’s one of the reasons why this stand is really interesting, because it will cut down on the clutter on your desk, and save you the expense of multiple device-specific stands.

bluelounge mika universal stand

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Bluelounge MiniDock: Turns Any Socket into a Dock

While there are some complicated-looking docks around there for your iDevices, you won’t find anything more minimal than Bluelounge’s newly released MiniDock. It’s perfect if you haven’t got the space for something bigger, and will get the job done stylishly.

dock iphone ipod bluelounge minidock socket plug

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