Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 16 Oz Review

Hydration hasn’t really been an obsession, but it’s nice to have a nice water bottle, and to use it daily. Ever since I first started buying Camelbak bottles a few years ago, I’ve been keen to finding the best ways to keep drinking water all day. Ensuring that your water bottle is also BPA free is a must. That way, you’ll keep the ingestion of harmful chemicals at bay, at least those coming from your bottle.

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CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purifier: Zaps Microbes Dead!

When you’re outdoors, either for camping or because the Great Zombie Apocalypse has finally begun, you need to drink clean water. As such, some of the portable filters and water purifiers are a bit annoying to use, which is why I think that CamelBak’s All Clear UV water purifier is so cool. You just fill up your water bottle and use the integrated UV light, and presto, your water is read to drink.

camelbak all clear water purifier

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A Message From CamelBak

Tonight, as I arrived home and switched on my laptop, I had this incredible message from Camelbak. Needless to say that I was thrilled. It may seem like nothing, but as a student and as someone who uses public transport, I always had that bottle with me. I bought it in Taiwan before coming back to Quebec to study.

Thanks for the kind gesture, I really appreciate it. It might not seem like much, but it’ll help me out and keep me well hydrated!

We somehow managed to stumble across your blog about losing you CamelBak bottle this morning while rummaging through my emails and checking things online. We couldn’t help but read it all the way through and feel compelled to send you another one. As this is out of the ordinary for us to do, We would still like to offer you a new one due to your somewhat heartbreaking disappointment in losing it. Keep on blogging, and sometimes making the right decision, getting to school on time, can pay off in a big way!

Take care,

From the Marketing Department at CamelBak
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