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  • Bowers & Wilkins Maserati Speakers: Time to Cash in That 401K

    There’s something quite special about high-end speakers, in the way that they are often able to recreate acoustic performances very accurately, akin to what holography is to visual senses. I’m not sure that these Bowers & Wilkins speakers will do that, but they certainly look the part. Read more @ Technabob

  • Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Wireless Speaker Dock: The Zeppelin’s Little Cousin

    Wireless speakers are all the rage, and plenty of companies are trying to cash into the craze. Bowers & Wilkins just announced a smaller, less-expensive alternative to their popular Zeppelin Air wireless speaker. Read more @ Technabob

  • Bowers & Wilkins A5 & A7 AirPlay Speakers: Ready for Your New iPhone

    It sure sucks that Apple changed their dock connector on the iPhone 5, but don’t worry, because plenty of companies are updating their accessories to service your technological needs. Bowers & Wilkins just released their new AirPlay-enabled speakers, which will work will with all iPhones (and recent iPods and iPads too.) Read more @ Technabob

  • Meticulously Modern and Minimal DeskTop

    Over the top, multi-monitored workstations aren’t the only ones that make us happy. This minimal, clean, and simple workstation sets itself apart thanks to the careful curated organization. This nominal, aesthete’s desk uses some of our favorite pieces of furniture to highlight a place that anyone would love to spend hours in. Read More…

  • Set Your Place Apart with These Uniquely Shaped Speakers

    While many people are using headphones to listen to their movies and music, it’s a safe bet that almost everyone needs a decent pair of speakers, either for their home theater systems, their computers, or their digital music players. A lot of us are content with cheap speakers, that manage to do the job well, […]

  • Distinctive Desktop Computer Speakers For Every Budget

    Getting the right type of desktop computer speakers can be a quandary. Do you get a cheap pair or get something that costs a bit more? In our experience, it’s best to look at companies known for their speakers than usual computer peripheral manufacturers. You shouldn’t forget that with a few wires, you can plug […]

  • CES 2011: Lady Gaga & Zeppelins All the Way

    CES 2011 is drawing to a close, and most tech reporters are set to return home pretty soon. As much as we love tech, it’s easy to be completely inundated with information during these fares. Some sites were generating over a hundred posts a day this week. Two of the products that we particularly liked […]