iPhone Brick Protective Case: In Case You Want to Brick Your Phone

Maybe it’s because they’re both sort of geeky, but I think that LEGOs and iPhones go well together. I suppose that is why Brando has just released these LEGO-inspired cases that will work with the iPhone 4 and 4S. The only problem is that you can’t accessorize your case by adding more LEGO bricks.

brando LEGO brick iPhone case rubber silicone

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Brando Pac-Man Ghost Lamps: But Where are Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

While I doubt that Brando asked to license these from Namco, they’re certainly fun lamps for your work area. These USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp’s light up like a Christmas tree whenever it senses that you need more light, all the while looking vaguely like the ghosts from Pac-Man.

usb brando ghost light lamp pac-man

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Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player: Go Back in Time and Check Out Those Old 80s Mixtapes

I’m not sure that I kept any of my cassettes (since most of them were in storage for a few years), but if you love retro stuff and you still have your old tapes, check out this USB Cassette Capture and Player.

It will play your cassettes and easily convert them into digital files, thanks to its USB connection.


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Ultra-Tiny Bluetooth Keyboard: So Small It’s Almost of No Use

If you’re getting annoyed with your touchscreen devices, instead of getting a Crackberry, why not try this ultra-tiny keyboard with your existing gadgets?

ipazzport keyboard bluetooth iphone brando ipad ps3

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Stanley Flashlight Watch Is Overkill For Most Wrists

This watch from Stanley has something special that most watches don’t. Nope, it’s not a built-in GPS, digital camera or a mobile phone, but a built-in flashlight!


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Look! Novelty Shaped Earbuds


Most earbuds are pretty similar. They are black, go into your ears, and you use them to listen to music. These new novelty shaped earbuds are strange and look like ducks, ladybugs, flies or a pair of pigs. If you are looking for way to spruce-up your ears, while listening to music, this might be it. It might look tacky, but it will definitely get you some looks.

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Brando’s Mini Universal Power Charger


Brando has just come out with a new universal battery charger. It works on the same principles, jaw-grip/adjustable electric contacts, as their previous Thanko version. This little gizmo is designed to be portable and draws its power from a USB port. It can supposedly adapt to different voltages.

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