Breakfast-Making Robots: Short Circuit Cooks

If you’re like me, you’d love some robot to prepare your breakfast, kind of like those crazy machines from Back to the Future. While today’s robots are certainly smarter than Doc Brown’s jury-rigged breakfast maker, you might wonder how good the robot breakfast will be. From what I can see, robot butlers and maids aren’t too far off.

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Training & Diet Week 3 Day 2 & 3

Typical Taiwanese breakfast a 蛋饼 (Dan Bing)


I made myself a wrap with an egg and cheese. It was kind of a 蛋饼 (Dan Bing) but homemade, without any fat or meat since I cooked the wrap myself. It got my day started well. I also had two milk teas.

I had a banana smoothie, a few apples and some greens. I finished the day with two spicy beef wraps.

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Unexpected Photos Of Girls

23 Unexpected Girl Photos, With Whom You’d Like to Have a Breakfast. (NSFW) (via abduzeedo)