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Bridgedale Performance Socks

Bridgedale makes great socks.

Insulated Socks And Boot Liners

I’ve realized that most hiking boots aren’t insulated. This is because if they are insulted, they don’t breathe as well. Hiking boots are really great if they keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Since I am heading into a real winter climate, I was checking out different options of liners to have some insulation on my feet. The best option would be something that includes a Polartec fleece fabric or a Thinsulate fabric. Duratherm from Gore works well too. Most manufacturers will have their own insulating materials.

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Expedition Quebec Gear

I bought these boots today. They are listed at $219.99US. I got them in Taiwan for $181US. They are the Zamberlan Master GT RR. Don’t worry, I didn’t get the green ones. I got the light blue/gray ones. I went to the camping stores on ZhongShan N. Rd. Take exit 7 from Taipei Main Station to find them. They are all stacked in a row. I was pretty happy to find out that they had my size. I got EU46/US11 size shoes. They fit like a glove and I got them just a little big so that I could fit all my socks on later.

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