One Key Shortcuts for Firefox, Chrome & Safari

010412_rg_OneKeyShortcuts_01.jpgWhile some software giants are trying to make the URL bar disappear, we’ve found that over the years, it’s still very useful, especially if you know how to use it right. We use the URL bar in all of our browsers, in Windows and OS X, as well as iOS, making it an essential way of navigating the web. Here’s how you can develop your own one-key shortcuts.

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Creative Uses for Blank Browser Screens

070611_rg_BlankScreenUses_01.jpgThere’s nothing easier than opening a blank browser window (Control+N on PCs or ⌘+N on Macs).For some, it’s just a way to visit another site or open another tab. However, you can get quite a bit down with a blank screen. From cleaning your monitor to finding dead pixels, blank browser windows are an effective way of getting things done. Here’s what we found.

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Skype Lights: Keep a Blank Browser Window Open

050911_rg_SkypeTrick_01.jpgDepending on your lighting situation at home or when you are on the road, you might run into problems when you Skype regularly, especially in darkened areas. Each room is different, and a lot of it resides on how many lamps are in the room and how bright the illumination is. We’ve got a very simple trick that will help you Skype without any problems when you are someplace where there isn’t much light.

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Safari on OS X & Firefox 4 on OS X and Windows 7

Like a few users, I got Firefox 4 a day early and started using it immediately on my computers. It’s my main browser on Windows and I use it also on my mac. I tend to use Safari a lot for short queries.

Firefox 4


  • Speed. It’s darn fast. They say between 3× to 6× faster than the previous version. I have to agree.
  • Streamlined minimal interface: really nice to have something with a low footprint, that doesn’t get in the way of browsing.
  • Back button history list: you can access this by right-clicking the back button. I use it often enough and I had to Google how to find it again.


  • Not compatible with some of my add ons and extensions, including Skype (which they’ll probably fix), Delicious (which they won’t, ie sunsetting!), DevonThinkPro, and Kaspersky URL Advisor (which I don’t really use).



  • When I type in an address and it recognizes it from the history, I only have to hit enter to go to it. In Firefox, I have to select it with the arrow key first.
  • The most visited gallery reminds me of Chrome, but it’s pretty good to have it open by default.


  • Safari doesn’t remember the zoom level for webpages, as Firefox does. It’s a pain to have to do this manually every single time.

EPOC Neuroheadset Uses Your Emotions to Browse Flickr

While I’ve never thought about using emotions to browse the Internet, apparently Emotiv EPOC’s brain-reading headset will do the trick for you. Combined with the EmoLens app, the EEG headset can detect up to four different emotions. Depending on how you feel, photos will be tagged differently.

epoc emotiv neuroheadset mind reading emotions input device computer

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Google Chrome to Kill the URL Bar?

Well, not really, but it looks like our overlords at Google are thinking about eliminating it in at least one browsing mode in their Chrome browser.

google chrome no url bar redesign compact

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Best Firefox Extensions and Add-Ons for Power Users

010411_rg_BestFFExtensions_01.jpgOne of the main reasons why I’ve resisted using Google Chrome is because of all of the great extensions and add-ons available for Firefox. Currently, I’ve got only about 7 installed and activated, but I used to have a lot more. I decided to slim down Firefox so that it wouldn’t eat up to much memory while I was running it, since Firefox is my main browser across two computers. Here are some of the best ones I’ve used.

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PriceBlink: Shop Within Your Browser For Best Prices

121510_rg_PriceBlink_01.jpgWe’ve mentioned browser extensions to help you shop before, but this one targets Google Chrome and Firefox users (but there are Internet Explorer and Safari versions available). Since a lot of people shop online, it’s very convenient to have your browser suggest comparable products at other retailers, allowing you to see if you are getting a good deal.

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Google Chrome

Just installed it. I’ve read that it’s incredibly fast for Google Reader, so I’ll try it out over the next few days to see what’s up. As a freelance blogger, a quick feed reader is essential.

Firefox 3.0 Easter Egg

Type in “about:robots” into the Firefox 3 address bar to see an easter egg.