NASA PhoneSat Plans on Launching Satellites Made from COTS Components


NASA is currently basking in the success of their Curiosity mission to Mars, but if the space agency hopes to continue to lead the charge in space exploration, it needs to find new ways of doing old things. NASA’s PhoneSat project aims to launch low-cost satellites, easily assembled, and place them into orbit.

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How to Live without a Cell Phone or Tablet

110111_rg_NoCellNoTab_01.jpgOne of the most insidious things about technology is that it’s constantly updated, urging users to purchase new devices when usually, there’s not much wrong with their old ones. This vicious cycle of consumerism can be all too temping, but we’ve managed to do so over the last few years. While we’re not above reproach, we’ve certainly scaled down our tech-related buys…

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Living the Spartan Tech Lifestyle

102411_rg_SpartanTechLife_01.jpgWith the economy looking glum and the job market even less stellar, buying and upgrading new tech devices has been put on the backburner. Instead, most of us have had to tighten our belts and eschew splurging, focusing on the essentials. Of course, the fact we love technology means we’ll always have some in our lives, but here’s how we’ve learned to be more careful and considerate of our tech spending habits…

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Tech With Credit

Many companies update their tech devices every year or so. Some of them are on rigid schedules, trickling down upgrades to consumers but actually holding back some until the next update the following year so that users will buy them no matter what. What does that mean to the tech enthusiast? How often can or should you update your tech when companies release new products?

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Why You Should Be Getting Your Caffeine Fix at Home

011811-espressomachine0.jpgOne of the main reasons why we completely stopped buying coffees at coffee shops is basic economics. Buying a cup/mug or two a day adds up to a lot of money over a year. In fact, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the Starbucks coffee you love so much could end up costing you as much as a very expensive Italian espresso machine…even one with a touchscreen interface!

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When Should You Buy New Tech?

111510_rg_WhenNewTech_01.jpgAnyone who is getting ready to buy some new tech will always wonder if the product on which they will be spending their hard-earned cash will be obsolete in a few months. How do you decide when to buy your new tech, so that it lasts longer? Read on to find out more.

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Tech Wants: Managing Your Desires Within A Budget

Not everyone can afford on impulse tech splurges. Almost everyone is on some kind of a budget. What should you do if you can get your tech desires? Should you prioritize or just splurge?

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Spend On This, Skimp On This

Like most people, I am on a tech budget. The amount of money that I can put towards any technology is usually well thought out. This is probably the situation of a lot of people, since the days of putting stuff on your credit card and paying later are hopefully gone.

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Tips For Staying on Budget With Tech

We all love tech and we’d buy quite a bit of gadgets and tech-related products if we had an unlimited budget, however this isn’t the case. As such, most people have to stay on budget or pay the cost of having too much tech around and thus wasting precious savings.

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Use Google Docs to Manage Dorm and Apartment Life

060109_rg_google_spread_01.jpgOne of the easiest ways of sharing documents is Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to share any number of documents among groups of people. We’ve found that it’s an easy way to manage apartment life. If you have roommates, it’s a great way to make a budget, schedule tasks and chores, and make lists that each roommate can edit.

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