LEGO + Transformer + Game Boy: A 1980s Three-fer

This LEGO Game Boy build has all of the right influences, from LEGO bricks, to Transformers when they were still in cartoon format, and naturally that good old green-screened Game Boy that I played until the screen broke.

domaster lego brick game boy transformer 01

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Landing Bay Diorama Made from Over 30,000 Bricks

Jay Hoff is a teacher from Florida, and he recently combined his love of LEGOs and Star Wars in a monstrous 30,000-brick wonder. He chose to recreate the Death Star’s landing bay, which is impossible to forget because that’s where the Emperor landed and was met with his honor guard.

jay hoff lego star wars death star landing bay

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The 10,000-Piece LEGO Sandcrawler

While some people were never impressed with the Jawa’s Sandcrawler from the Star Wars saga, I’ve always thought that it was pretty cool since Jawas themselves are quite small, but their transport is humongous. As a tribute to Jawa ingenuity, LEGO whiz Marshal Banana created this incredible build.

lego jawa sandcrawler star wars marshal banana remote controle

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LEGO LOTR Garrison of Moria: Bricks Gone Wild

One of the most impressive scenes in the LOTR books and movies is the Garrison of Moria. The incredible beauty and vastness of Moria was captured by a LEGO fan, who decided to convert a whole room into a tribute to this immense structure. We never saw the Moria in all of its glory in the movies or the books, but this build sure captures its essence.

lotr lord of the rings moria mines garrison gerry burrows toys tribute

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LEGO Tonka Heavy Assault Truck Ready to Crush Your Minifig Army

This incredible LEGO build was dubbed the Tonka Heavy Assault Truck by its creator Karf Oohlu. It sports a massive array of guns and looks quite huge. Apparently, it can shoot a lot of volleys, thanks to all of its weapons.

lego tonka assault truck build toys karf oohlu fun

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Self-Loading LEGO Dice Tower: Perfect for Old-School RPG Fans

Where are the self-loading dice towers when you need them? Well, that’s one of the reasons why YouTube user Skadar decided to build his own.

lego cast tower diy dice

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Robo-Rex Combines LEGOs and Robots With Dinosaurs

This just can’t get any better: mash up robots with dinosaurs and LEGO bricks and you’ve got Robo-Rex. Could we want more?

robo-rex lego robot dinosaur toys cool

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Velocite Updates Its Site & My Millennium Build List

Velocite's new site

Velocite has just updated and started its new website. It looks pretty darn good and I’m glad for Victor.

I hadn’t much thought about the warranty on the Millennium frame that I’m about to get tomorrow, but I was pretty happy to find out that its got a lifetime warranty + 3 years on crashes. Now that’s really good!

The Millennium I’m getting will be decked out in SRAM Red. Photos and more when I receive it sometime tomorrow. It’s supposed to have arrived now. I’ll go take a look!

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