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New Green ESL Bulbs Will Be As Efficient As CFLs and LEDs

092909_rg_eslbulb_01.jpgIn the race to finding the greenest way to illuminate our nights, a new company has come up with a new refinement of old technology to serve our needs. Will it be enough to save you even more money? Find out after the jump.

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Smartbulbs: Lightbulbs Get an LED Update

061209_rg_sharp_LED_01.jpgWe all want to save money. That’s why most of use have started using these fluorescent bulbs instead of the traditional ones. They are way more energy efficient and will save you a bunch of money throughout their lifetime. However, these bulbs aren’t prefect. They make noise and the light that they dispense isn’t always optimal. That’s why Sharp came up with these great LED bulbs to take care of this situation. They also added a few perks which some of use will really enjoy.

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