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Clean up Your Cable Squid with Unlaces

OK, so the tangle of wires behind my desk is getting pretty ridiculous. Luckily, I’ve got it confined in a corner, so it’s not going to take over my place any time soon, but something like Unlace might just banish the cable squid to Davy Jones’ Locker forever.

unlace cable management

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ChargeCard For iPhone: The USB Cable Slims Down

This conveniently-sized 30-pin to USB connector is no thicker than a credit card but will allow you to hook your precious iPhone up to any computer for a quick juice up. I’d like it even more if it had a built in battery though.

chargecard iphone kickstarter usb 30 pin

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Fake Ear Earphone Tidy: Store Your Buds in Someone Else’s Ears

I’m not sure about these things, on top of creeping me out, these fake ears double as an earphone caddy. They will allow you to store your earbuds without getting the cords all tangled up, which is good since that shortens the life of your wires.

earphone fake ear tidy cord

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Urbanears Turncable Headphones: Always the Right Plug

While I have to say that I’m initially intrigued when I see loud and glaringly-designed headphones, once you get past the look, you need to focus on the sound. That being said, Urbanears‘ headphones have always used nice color palettes and designs, standing out from the crowd of mostly black headphones that are all too common. Urbanears most recent creation is the their new Turncable design.

urbanears turncable 01

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Yarn Charging Cable: Encouraging Cats to Chew on Power Cords

No, this isn’t a new toy for your feline friend, it’s a concept charger for your phone and/or other devices. While it makes sense to have something that’s longer than standards cords, I wonder if cats everywhere will rejoice upon seeing this charger that’s designed to look like a ball of yarn.

yarn wood ball charger concept design power

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Affordable Cord and Cable Guidance Solutions

Cables and cords are the bane of any well thought-out home office. Once you start getting some cables mixed up, there’s no way of stopping the dreaded cable squid from appearing under your desk. The best cable management solutions are the ones that are adapted to your own desk and space. Here’s what we found.

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France Just Got the Ultimate Set-Top Box: How About Us?

121410_rg_FreeBoxAlternatives_01.jpgFree just announced their gorgeous-looking set-top box for their customers in France. It was designed by Starck and on top of looking good, it’s filled with a bunch of features that makes us salivate. Naturally, you can’t get this box here in the US, but what can you do to get something similar?

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