AViiQ Portable Charging Station: Never Lose Your Cables Again

It really sucks when your gear runs out of juice and you’ve got no easy way of recharging. It’s even worse when you’re stuck somewhere that doesn’t have any power outlets or you just don’t have the time to charge up your gadgets. Admittedly, the AViiQ Portable Charging Station won’t solve all of these problems, but you’ll never be without your cables again.

aviiq portable charging station

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Tried & True Ways of Wrangling Your Earphone Cords

112012_rg_WiresUntangled_01.jpgIs there anything more frustrating than having to untangle earphone cords? Without planning ahead it’s almost certain to happen. Here’s how to avoid losing those precious lost minutes and not starting your day with frustration…


Colorful Incase Mini Cable Kit: USB to Everything You Need

With all of the gadgets people are carrying around these days, it makes sense to keep some cables with you, just in case you need to connect some of them together. This new kit from Incase looks pretty sweet, and the fact that the cables come color-coded makes them even easier to find in the provided handy case.

incase mini cables usb

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Get a Wire-Free Desk: Taut Cables & Velcro

Here at Unplggd, we’re always trying to get our workplace as uncluttered as possible. One of the biggest problems with this process include finding innovative ways of dealing with the mess of cables that is running around underneath our desks. It’s not always easy and you have to work at it in order to get a clean desk, one that promotes productivity.

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Organize Your Cables By Dyeing Them

042211_rg_DyeCables_01.jpgIf you’re like us, you probably try your best to remain organized for as long as possible, especially under your desk, but it doesn’t take long for all of your power cables to congeal into a gigantic mess. We’ve explored a few different ways of keeping your cables organized, but this novel approach will make each of your cables as distinctive as possible thanks to custom dyes and colors.

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Coalesse Power Pod: When is a Power Strip Not a Strip?

Most of my power strips look the same. They are made to basically hide away under a desk or in a corner, so that the resulting cable mess doesn’t take over your desktop. That’s not what Coalesse’s Power Pod is for. This handsome power strip is circular and begs to be placed in a place of prominence on your desk.

coalesse power strip pod circular design

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10 Everyday Items to Keep Your Tech Supplies Organized

052609-unplggd1.jpgKeeping your tech supplies organized can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve got a lot of tech. The great thing is that you don’t need any specialized supplies in order to keep your tech organized; you can just raid your kitchen and household items in order to get the job done. Here are our ideas.

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Fujitsu Tests Energy Monitoring Power Strip

040710_rg_FujitsuPowerStrip_01.jpgFujitsu has just released information on a new power strip that will monitor its energy usage. That sounds kind of cool. Usually, energy monitors need to be plugged into the power grid in some fashion, but these things are just what they are advertised to be: power strips that monitor how much electricity is shunted through them.

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Dotz Organizers: Keeping Your Wires Clean

052709_rg_dotz_organizers_01.jpgHow do the cables under your desk look like? Or the cables and plugs near outlets? If you are like us, it’s probably very messy. It’s hard to keep things organized under your desk and near power plugs. Even if they start out organized, they will usually get messy after a while. The Dotz plug identifiers are very simple and make managing a power bar or outlet very easy in the most simple way.

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Vine Cables: So Green That They Grow on You

021009_rg_vinecables_01.jpgI’ve never seen a good looking cable. Cords and cables are always unseemly. You just want to hide them away behind a desk or a closet. The fact of the matter is that our modern lives are intertwined with cables. We just can’t live without them! They’re everywhere. All gadgets come with some charging cable or USB cable, that just messes everything up. Thankfully, Microworks has come up with a new and fresh design, a cable that you wouldn’t mind having around, now how novel is that?