iTunes Wireless Sync & MacBook Battery Calibration

012712_rg_iTunesWiFiCalibration_01.jpgThere’s definitely something awesome about wireless syncing. Although syncing isn’t that time consuming, depending on the amount of data that you want to share with your iOS device, the wireless option just makes everything easier. And if you haven’t calibrated your MacBook’s battery in a while, here are a few more tricks to drain that battery faster.


Tricks For Calibrating Your MacBook’s Battery

021411_rg_TricksMacBookBatt_01.jpgJust like a few new MacBook owners, I regularly take the time to calibrate my new laptop’s batteries. Since Apple recommends doing it every one or two months, it’s something that will help make your battery life last a lot longer. However, there is a tedious side to calibrating your battery, which is why many people don’t bother doing it; it just takes so long. These are a few tricks that we’ve found to help make this go faster.

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