Cancer-Causing Flame Retardants Remain in Homes Years After Being Banned


Flame retardant chemicals, which are designed to slow household fires from burning through homes, have been found in worrisome quantities in US homes, long after some of these were banned because of suspected links to cancer and other conditions.

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Communities in California Are Plagued by Contaminated Drinking Water


Impoverished agricultural communities in Central Valley, California have been plagued for decades by contaminated drinking water.

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Protected California Sea Lions Devour Threatened Salmon in Columbia River


Protected California sea lions are apparently gorging themselves on Chinook salmons and steelheads in the Columbia River, both of which are listed as threatened populations. Wildlife managers along the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon are facing a quandary. Sea lions have been congregating there for the past decade to feast on salmon waiting to climb the fish ladders at the base of the Bonneville Dam on their way to spawn each spring.

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California Silverado Headphones: No Pick-Up Trucks Involved

These solid-looking, retro-styled headphones are made out of die-cast metal, leather and titanium by the California Headphone Company. They have a couple of cool features, on top of looking pretty good.

california headphones over ear audio

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California Volcano Observatory is USGS’s Newest


The USGS announced on Thursday the founding of the new California Volcano Observatory (CalVO), which joins the ranks of the Yellowstone, Cascades, Hawaii, Alaska and Long Valley observatories.

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2010 Oakland Riots

Thomas Hawk has got some photos of the Oakland Riots, which took place last night in response to the Johannes Mehserle murder trial. Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of Oscar Grant and Oakland rioted over this decision. Here is his write-up of what happened.

California Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

In a 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court of California has overturned a ban on gay marriage.