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  • Calligraphy Practice

    I’ve been doing pretty well practicing my Copperplate script, so I decided to try out Gothic. It was pretty good. It’s a mix between modern and pointed quadrata minuscule. I think because I have been drilling myself to produce the same letters over and over again in Copperplate, the whole process was fun in Gothic.…

  • Japanese Robot Mimics Complex Calligraphy

    It takes years for a person to learn how to write Japanese or Chinese characters. There’s good news though. Robots can do it a lot quicker. A research group has developed a ‘bot that can identify and mimic detailed brush strokes that are required to write these kinds of characters. Read more @ Technabob

  • Things Fall Apart

    I was messing around with a paint brush and ink a few weeks ago and this was the result. I have been researching ways to do some calligraphy. After a few experiments, I decided on using ink dip pens as they get the best result. I’ve seen some typographers and calligraphers working with brushes, but…

  • Calligraphy And Penmanship Lessons

    Calligraphy and penmanship lessons, including books available in PDF format.

  • Robotic Calligrapher

    This robot has been programmed to write calligraphy.