2015 Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Earphones Update & Warranty Claims In Asia

I noticed some strange behavior in the last week or so with the Jabra Sport Coach. They would mysteriously disconnect from my phone. Reconnect some time later. The charge would last about an hour instead of five. The volume buttons weren’t responsive anymore.

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Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 16 Oz Review

Hydration hasn’t really been an obsession, but it’s nice to have a nice water bottle, and to use it daily. Ever since I first started buying Camelbak bottles a few years ago, I’ve been keen to finding the best ways to keep drinking water all day. Ensuring that your water bottle is also BPA free is a must. That way, you’ll keep the ingestion of harmful chemicals at bay, at least those coming from your bottle.

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CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purifier: Zaps Microbes Dead!

When you’re outdoors, either for camping or because the Great Zombie Apocalypse has finally begun, you need to drink clean water. As such, some of the portable filters and water purifiers are a bit annoying to use, which is why I think that CamelBak’s All Clear UV water purifier is so cool. You just fill up your water bottle and use the integrated UV light, and presto, your water is read to drink.

camelbak all clear water purifier

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70 KM Night Bike Ride

Kuota Kom Agritubel team edition
Kuota Kom Agritubel team edition

Well, I finally managed to go out and train. Since I came back from Hong Kong last Monday, a typhoon devastated Southern Taiwan and we have been plagued with rain.

So basically, since Tuesday the 4th of August, I have been waiting for the rain to abate. I need to get another training solution so that I can still work out inside. Probably some kind of flywheel thing. I’ll check that out over the weekend.

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Oakley Kitchen Sink

I found an ad on tealit which mentioned an Oakley backpack for sale. It didn’t mention the model, but I called the guy. He didn’t know which model, but after a few questions I knew that it was the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, Oakley’s top of the line model which I have had my eye on for a few years.


Yes, years.

I spotted it when it came out and almost bought it in 2006. However, I decided that I would get more backpacker gear, from companies such as Arc’Teryx. I did get an Arc’Teryx Acrux 40. Oakley makes some nice stuff, but it’s in-between true outdoors gear and urban gear. It’s actually a lot more urban gear, when it comes to their packs, which is why I could never justify the cost of the Kitchen Sink. For the price, you can get a full on backpack from a reputable outdoor brand. Some of the Arc’Teryx packs, like the small Bora 35 and others, are available for about 150-250$. The Kitchen Sink isn’t really worth that much money in my book.

However, this was an ad for a used Kitchen Sink. It hadn’t been used much and was about a year old. I met the guy and inspected the bag. It seemed almost pristine. I bought it for 70$. That was a pretty good deal.

My wife told me that the Kitchen Sink looks like an expensive pack. It looks very sturdy. It has an expandable bottom, which is handy. It comes with a shaped top lid, where you can store glasses, shades, or multimedia gear.

There is a nifty pocket in the front which can easily house my Nikon D200. It doesn’t have any dedicated water bottle holsters per se, but it does have two large pockets on the side which are perfect for water bottles. I had no trouble fitting in 1L Camelbak bottles. I guess if you aren’t using the laptop sleeve, you could fit in a hydration bladder. I will have to try it out.

Camelbak Care Package

After I posted this story on my blog, I got this response from Camelbak.

I was actually very surprised by its content. The marketing department didn’t give me a lot of details.

I got four Camelbak Better Bottles. A 1L which replaces my lost one, a 750ML and a 500ML. On top of that, I got their new BPA free Classic Cap 750ML bottle. Needless to say that it made my day.

I also got two t-shirts and a hoodie.

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Friday: Semester Almost Complete Four Exams Done

My semester is almost over. I’ve got one last homework to complete for next week. I plan on attending the final research project presentations next week.

Exams went well. Out of four, three went well. The last one was a bit hard. I don’t know. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m totally out of it yet again. However, I did finally get my care package from Camelbak. More on the unboxing tomorrow. I took some nice photos.

Reasons Why I Love To Blog

Blogging has become a part of my life since I started in 2006. I blogged in other ways before in HTML files that were constantly updated from 1998-2003. I wrote this post about my blogging habit. Today, I will go into the reasons why I love blogging.

Suplado tagged me with a meme, so here are my reasons for blogging.

1. Power of blogs

More than once, I have seen a positive change in my life due to blogs. For example, there was the time that I had topped my upload limit in a month on Zooomr. I blogged about this. A few hours later I received a comment and an email from Kris Tate CFO of Zooomr. He reset my upload limit for the month so I could upload my photos. I really appreciated that. Earlier this year, I had trouble uploading my photos. Kris managed to resolve my issue in a few minutes.

More recently, I blogged about losing a Better Bottle from CamelBak. I was running at full speed in order to catch the bus. I made the bus, but immediately noticed once in the bus, that I had lost my bottle in my full out run. I asked myself which I preferred, losing a bottle or being in time for my university classes. It took only a fraction of a second to decide that I’d rather go to school on time. I will receive a new Better Bottle from CamelBak later this week, courtesy of their marketing department.

2. Immediate results

As an aspiring writer, photographer and artist, I love seeing an immediate result. This happens when I push the “Post” button in my WP dashboard. Immediately, my post is published on my blog and sent through my RSS subscriptions. With a good Pagerank, what you write has immediate impact as well. The power of your blog relies on how easy it is to find your content.

3. Exposing racism and other injustices

As a visible minority in a largely Caucasian population, I am extremely sensitive to racism. This means that I notice it easily. A look, a word, a gesture. I can interpret these when they are racist. I have said before that between France, Germany and Canada, Quebec is by far the most racist place I have ever lived. I won’t count Taiwan, since the Taiwanese are pretty much racist towards anybody. That’s not necessarily true, but from a certain point of view, it is.

4. Sharing my writing, my photos and art

From paperblogging, to watercolors, to photography, to creative writing, I do create things. Some of them are crap, others are good. In an effort to better myself, I post these. Hopefully some people will like them. I don’t really post them to receive criticism. In that sense, I am my own harshest critic.