Cold Weather Hiking On The Bear Trail

Last Sunday, I went cold weather hiking.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Temperatures hovered around 0 C. We left a little past noon to go hiking on the Bear Trail. The ground was covered with snow. To prepare, I was wearing extra insulating micro-fleece layers on my legs. I was also wearing thermal underwear. Needless to say, it was too warm for the weather, but I managed. I would have been fine with only two layers on my legs.

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Home Again

Things are strange.

Today I went to the university to buy books and stuff.

The university has changed a bit. People are different. It was a bit disorientating, but strangely familiar. I rarely spent much time there other than for classes. I asked for directions to the counter where I could buy my course notes and books.

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Chez Ashton

It’s always been a tradition of mine that whenever I come back to Quebec City, I go quickly to the first Ashton restaurant that is nearby. The Asthons are only in Quebec, not in Montreal or other parts of the country.

It’s a great way to eat a poutine. A poutine is a traditional fast food recipe of Quebec. You take some fries, add some fresh cheese curds with some gravy and there you go. I like mine with spicy sauce, extra sauce and extra sausages. It tastes good. It’s been almost two years since I last had one.

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Soft Shells And Hard Shells

I was able to buy a shell from Milo. It’s just a basic shell, nothing too technical. I bought it second hand, but it still had the tags on it and had never been worn. It’s main fabric is Aquatex 10/10, a Gore-Tex like fabric. I’ve been told that it functions differently from Gore-Tex, but I haven’t seen it yet in action. It’s not the Arc’teryx Alpha SV technical jacket that I want, but it’s a beginning I guess.

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