NASA Designing Space Habitat from Spare ISS Parts

NASA Building Deep-Space Habitat

Engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Texas have been busy putting together a prototype of a deep space station, which has been essentially assembled using scrap parts from the ISS. This has the added benefit of cutting down on costs significantly. Also, the ISS is a proven design.

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Orion Space Capsule Manned Flight Delayed until 2021


NASA had intended to rebuild its human spaceflight program with the Orion capsule in 2014, with a manned launch in 2016, but it’s been announced that this has been pushed back to 2021.

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USSR Era Space Capsule For Sale: Own Your Own Piece of Space Junk

One slightly used 1961 Vostok space capsule is going to be up for grabs in a short while. Have you got the money to buy it? Probably not, but the Vostok 3KA-2 is one heck of a piece of space history.

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