Ultra-Strong Artificial Muscles Made From Carbon Nanotubes


In order to showcase ultra-strong artificial muscles, Ray Baughman from the University of Texas at Dallas and his colleagues built a catapult.

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Scientists Work on Developing Computer Chips Made from Nanotubes


Scientists have developed new methods that could result in the production of higher-performance computer chips made from tiny straws of carbon nanotubes. It’s been known for a long time that these nanotubes have electronic properties superior to current silicon-based devices.

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Obayashi’s Space Elevator to Be Operational by 2050


The holy grail of getting into orbit has always been the ultimate development of space elevators, long, thin strands that could ferry passengers and cargo into orbit at minimal expenditure. Now a Japanese company, Obayashi Corp, specializing in engineering and construction, announced that it aims to complete a space elevator by 2050.

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Iridescent Butterfly Wing Properties to Lead to Better Thermal Imaging Cameras


Researchers studying the iridescent properties of butterfly wings think that this could help engineers develop temperature sensors that are smaller and faster. This technology could work without the need for cumbersome cooling techniques, something that has always been needed in thermal imaging and medical diagnostics.

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Exploding Carbon Nanotubes Could Work as Drug-Based Delivery Devices


Carbon nanotubes can be used in a variety of different contexts. Most recently, tubes were filled with drugs and sealed with biodegradable caps, allowing them to work inside cells, where they delivered their loads. There has been some concern that these nanotubes might not target the drugs well enough, which is why researchers at the University of Rochester in New York State have come up with exploding carbon nanotubes.

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