Cardboard Computer and Plotter Really Work

I’ve heard of corrugated cardboard being used to house computers, but this project takes cardboard computing to a whole new level. Niklas Roy used rubber bands, rope and cardboard to create a functional, mechanical computer and plotter.

niklas roy cardboard plotter computer

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Cardboard Computer Desk Is Definitely Not Water- or Fireproof

We all need desks, but did you ever think about hacking the box in which your computer came in to make it into a desk? While I’d love to say that’s what we’ve got here, this particular desk is made entirely from corrugated cardboard, but wasn’t made from the actual cardboard box the computer shipped in. Still, it’s pretty cool.

goodstuph cardboard desk hp z1

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Weltunit Cardboard Gadget Stand: Just Don’t Get it Wet

We should all be concerned about the sustainability of the products that we buy. To do their part, Berlin’s Weltunit have started making device stands made out of cardboard, which have been laser-cut for precision.

weltunit papercrafts stand ipad iphone 01

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Suck UK’s Cardboard Radio: Easily Recyclable to Say the Least

I’ve heard of cardboard being used for a variety of purposes, but this is the first radio that I’ve seen that made out of it. This radio is appropriately named the Cardboard Radio.

suck uk radio cardboard christopher mcnicholl recyclable

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Vax Ex Cardboard Vacuum: Clean and Green

Think you’ll be seeing a lot of disposable appliances and tech in the future? Loughborough University student Jake Tyler thinks so. He designed this concept, and it was then picked up by European vacuum maker Vax. Their Vax Ev is a high performance vacuum cleaner made for optimum sustainability – and it’s made out of cardboard.

vacuum cleaner cardboard ev vax jake tyler green

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Recycled Cardboard USB Flash Drive: Go Green!

051309_rg_cardboard_usb_drive_01.jpgIf you ever wanted to have a green USB flash drive, you’ll want to have this one. It’s a USB flash drive that’s actually made out of recycled cardboard. Now, when technology evolves, you can just recycle the whole thing quite easily. We thought that this was a pretty neat idea, kind of like the cardboard computer and other cardboard devices that are popping up all over the place.

The Designer Cardboard Office: Not Just a Concept Anymore

031009_rg_designercardboardoffice_01.jpgOffices that look like cubicles are terrible. I know, I’ve worked in plenty. They always feel very cramped and getting a window is not always a blessing. If there are no drapes or shutters, you get a lot of sun. I love how new offices are coming up with new ideas for their workspaces. The cardboard office isn’t something new. We’ve already featured one in the past. However, this is one that’s actually being used right now in Amsterdam, making it really interesting. Corrugated cardboard can be made fireproof and waterproof, so health and safety aren’t an issue.


DIY The Better Looking Cardboard Laptop Stand


We recently showed you how to make your own laptop cooler using only cardboard and a salvaged fan from an old PC. The only trouble is that it looked kind of bad and was a fire hazard if you’d use anything but corrugated cardboard. Thankfully, we’ve come upon a design that will make things even easier.

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The DIY Cardboard Cooler: Keeping Your Laptop Cool Cheaply

As laptops get more and more powerful, it’s easy to notice that they have started to produce a lot more excess heat. It’s a known fact that a laptop running at full power will really start to heat quickly. It’s really surprising. James Li from Auckland New Zealand had the same problem and he decided to use cardboard to solve his problem. It’s part of a series of ideas on how to use cardboard.

The Incredible Cardboard Office

Are you running out of office space at home or at work? Do you need more? Most places and homes always need more office space. The trouble is that buying the furniture, like desks and chairs, costs money. Sometimes you don’t need permanent office solutions, only temporary ones. That’s what Paul Coudamy had in mind when he put together an office for the ad agency Beast.