Designer iPhone Cases: A Bit of Bling for Fashionistas

081911_rg_DesignerIphone_01.jpgWhile not all designers make iPhone cases, a lot of them are joining the ranks with technological accessories, to match your clothes or to set you apart. There are some out there that can cost you more than the phone itself, which may seem ludicrous to some, but there’s always a need for distinctive iPhone cases, so that your iPhone stands out from the crowd.

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Unusual and Alternative PC Cases For Any Budget

Anyone who’s had a few PCs will tell you that you can make yours look like anything, if you’ve got the right case. While some cases are a bit too ostentatious and customized, there are quite a few that would look stellar on anyone’s desk. Here are the ones that we liked that will fit any budget.

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Sustainable Accessories From Nau


Nau is a well-known name for sustainable clothes, but we were happy to see that the 2011 Spring collection from Nau includes a few sustainable electronic accessories made from recycled polyester and wool that won’t look out of place anywhere.

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Elmo and Cookie Monster iPhone and iPad Cases: Cuteness Overload?

What can I say? I don’t think I’d ever use Sesame Street iDevice gear, but I can imagine quite a few adults who will use this because it’s cute and it reminds them of their childhood.

sesame street cookie monster elmo cases ipod iphone ipad cover

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The Best in Apple Accessories Unplggd’s Best of 2010

It’s safe to say that anyone who has an Apple product will try to customize their gadget with some unique accessories. Most accessories, from sleeves, to covers, to skins, will set you Apple product apart from all of the rest. There are so many distinctive ones to choose from that we’ve decided to highlight our favorites from this year.

Top Row
Fashionista and Hipster Tech Accessories for Apple Lovers
5 Distinctive Accessories for the Apple Fanatic
SGP Vintage Leather Case for iPad
The Leica M8 Apple iPhone Skin Mod
Add A Metal Back to Your iPhone

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5 Unique iPad Cases That Stick Out

Even though designer iPad cases are quite expensive, sometimes a little bit of luxury is called for, maybe as a gift to the person you love, or just something nice for yourself. One thing is for sure, they’re pretty unique and they set themselves apart. With this being said, we’ve put together our favorite and most recent iPad cases.

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EXOvault’s Cases Made Out Of A Solid Block Of Aluminum

The iPhone is just so darn handy. There are so many things that you can do with it that it deserves the proper case. There are so many cases out there that it’s not always easy to find the right one. Well, EXOvault has got some pretty unique cases for your device. Their cases are made out of one solid block of aluminum.

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