Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player: Go Back in Time and Check Out Those Old 80s Mixtapes

I’m not sure that I kept any of my cassettes (since most of them were in storage for a few years), but if you love retro stuff and you still have your old tapes, check out this USB Cassette Capture and Player.

It will play your cassettes and easily convert them into digital files, thanks to its USB connection.


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Green Idea The Cassette Tape Closet: A Great Way To Recycle Old Media

What do you do with all of your old cassette tapes? Throw them out, recycle them or reuse them? There are multiple ways of doing either though, and most of the time, old cassette tapes just get tossed into the trash bin. Well the Dutch designer Patrick Schuur decided to reuse old cassette tapes instead. In fact, he used a total of 918 tapes to build a cassette tape closet.

Cassette Tape USB Hub: It’s Not An Old Mixtape


This 4-port USB hub looks exactly like an old school tape, but if you try and play it in a Walkman, you’ll damage it for sure. There’s nothing sweeter than having new tech look like old tech. The cassette tape USB hub is a perfect example for this, and no it can’t be used in a tape deck.

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