Caterpillar CAT B15 Rugged Smartphone Will Go Places You Can’t

How many times have you dropped your smartphone? I’ve dropped mine plenty of times, especially when I’m tired. Thankfully, I use a case that helps alleviate any damage that my phone might incur. That being said, check out this über-rugged Android smartphone from Caterpillar – designed to be durable right out o the box.

caterpillar cat b15 android phone sand

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iPhone/iPad Cat Petting App: Perfect for Lonely Japanese People

Most places in Japan won’t let you have any animals. I guess this is why this iPhone/iPad cat app makes sense. Honestly, if I wanted another cat, I’d just go out and catch one of those stray kittens, even if my place doesn’t allow any animals (it doesn’t, and we’ve got a cat and a dog anyway).

iphone ipad ipod app cat japan

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