Kid Nation S01E01 (CBS)

An interesting sea horse going on its merry way in Atoll Reef, Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

This reality TV show sounds like it was made by stupid studio execs. I can already see the dialogue.

-So… We need a new show…
-I dunno, dogs? Kids? Survivor Kids?
-Everybody loves kids, why don’t we have a kid show?
-Good idea, but we want adults to watch it, so let’s make it like Survivor, everybody watches Survivor! We did it with Big Brother and got the best ratings ever this summer!
-We can’t call it Survivor Kids though, since people would freak out, if they are being starved and everything…
-Let’s keep’em in the States and make it like a “social experiment”, with waivers and shit and keep it entertaining.
-Sounds pretty good, I’m sure it will do great! Survivor kicks ass, this show will rock!

I’m sure something similar happened with the CBS studio execs. Kid Nation was supposed to air during the summer, but got put into Jericho’s spot for the fall season.

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Survivor China S15E01 (CBS)

Skewed view of the Bank of China building.

The next season of survivor just started. The funny thing is that it’s taking place in China, in a remote region. I’m currently residing on the other side of the world, in Taiwan, known as the Republic of China, which China considers a wayward province.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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