Celebrity Big Brother UK Final S08E22 (Channel 5)

The HM get a spread for their last night in the BBUK house. There are oysters. John coughs it right back up. Jedward get some awards to distribute to the HM.

Amy Childs for being so fit it’s a joke.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Kerry and Paddy gets the most cheers. The next evicted HM is Bobby. That was predictable. The 2nd evicted HM is Darryn. That was also predictable and he also looks a bit like a freak. I like hearing the Australian accent. It makes me miss BBAU.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E21 (Channel 5)

After last night’s cocktail party, the CBBUK house is a mess. Darryn is first once again and cleans. The HM are also a mess. Amy asks Kerry what happened last night. She knows exactly what happened.

Paddy and Darryn are talking. Paddy says that Lucien was upset last night. Lucien just pretends that there was nothing between them at all and Amy allows him to.

Today is Kerry’s birthday and she’s all alone in the garden. Amy is talking to BB about her version of last night’s events. She says that she never led Lucien on. She’s just in denial. Her diary room VT is intercut with footage of what she has been doing and saying to Lucien. She looks like a tart.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E20 (Channel 5)

The HM are waking up. The groupies spent the night sleeping outside. They are in good spirits the next day. Amy is sort of pissed off at having slept there.

Take This get a delivery for breakfast. The groupies get some scraps. Lucien, Kerry, and Edward are spooning for warmth.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E18 (Channel 5)

Darryn is up at 6:33AM and starts cleaning.

Darryn, Paddy, and Kerry are talking about Lucien. They like him. He’s very respectful and mature. He’s actually younger than Jedward. They think that he’s also very sensitive. Paddy and Darryn think that he’s playing a game with Amy. Kerry disagrees.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E17 (Channel 5)

The HM are waking up with hangovers. Lucien is still in Amy’s bed. Some of the HM are teasing Amy about Lucien. Amy says that she didn’t kiss him and there was no fooling around. It looked like they were making out.

Mumbles is in the diary room telling BB that he does like Amy. Kerry comes to the diary room to tell her version.

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Celebrity Big Brother S08E16 (Channel 5)

The alarm has been ringing for 15 min. Jedward have been ignoring the alarm for 50 min. Darryn is whingeing about the shopping.

I’m excited at the prospect of leaving.
Bobby in the diary room

Amy gets a vajazzling kit and gets 90 min to vajazzle all of the HM. Jedward is first. The HM have fun.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E15 (Channel 5)

BB turns the power and hot water back on.

Cold water is just so cold.

Paddy and Darryn are in the gym. Mumbles and Kerry are hanging out. It looks like they are flirting. Amy is in the diary room commenting about the situation.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E14 (Channel 5)

Today, Pamela will get evicted. Darryn and Tara are having their smokes. Tara tells him that he gives her mean looks and that scares her. He gives her a hug. Darryn is being an adult about this and he respects her feelings. He apologizes and she forgives him.

Jedward are using Amy’s eyeliner to draw on some tattoos. It’s the birthday of one of Kerry’s daughters. Jedward give back the eyeliner. Amy is a bit miffed. They didn’t ask her permission. We see a shot of her ass.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E13 (Channel 5)

This is a live eviction show.

This is the 2nd day that the HM are waking up to no hot water because of Bobby. They end up boiling a lot of water.

Tara and Pamela are talking about Darryn. Tara comes to the diary room to whinge about Darryn. Pamela is cleaning the kitchen. Kerry and Lucien are cuddling.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E12 (Channel 5)

Today, the HM will nominate for the 1st time. Jedward’s bread tower falls apart. It’s Edward’s fault. Edward takes a shower and he’s stuck without a towel. No one hears him yelling.

Pamela says that her family has had 23 animals.

Jedward play with some cling wrap. They make a cling wrap mummy out of one of them. Kerry is feeling emotional in the diary room. She misses her kids.

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