Features We Wish that Every Cell Phone Had

102811_rg_CellPhoneFeatures_01.jpgCell phones have come a long way since their beginnings. We’re sure that if you told someone 20 years ago all that people would be able to do with their smartphones, they’d probably think that you were crazy but with each passing product update, smartphones are becoming more and more useful in our daily tech-infused lives.

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5 Reasons to Return to Using an Alarm Clock

050311_rg_AlarmClockCellPhones_01.jpgEven though most people have turned to their cell phones to act as their main alarm clocks, in our opinion, there is still room on your bedside table for an alarm clock. The trouble is that you need something that has quite a few features and that will perform well compared to a cell phone, alongside the issue of price. You don’t want to spend too much on a one-function device.

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Pantech Vega X Phones as Fast as Some PCs

Ever got annoyed at the speed of your smartphone? Well, this is something that Pantech has finally addressed in Korea. Their new Vega X is supposed to run almost as fast as some PCs, thanks to the inclusion of speedy DDR2 memory.

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On This Holiday, How Much Time Are You Spending Offline?

When I get free time, from work and from my assignments, I like to spend it completely offline. While I do keep some tabs in my Firefox browser open while I surf the Internet, after a certain time I close them all. In fact, I relish when I don’t have to check my email and when I don’t have to be available. Are you going to spend any time offline this holiday season?

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Healthy Uses For Your Home Tech

While there are some drawbacks with having a lot of tech in your home, there are also some benefits. The Internet and computers have made things that were hard in the past very easy. Take a look at our list of healthy things that you can do with technology.

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Fur-Covered Cell Phones And USB Flash Drives

They might seem cute, but they are controversial since these coverings for mobile phones and USB flash drives are actually made out of real fur.


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Prisoners and Cell Phones

A great article in Wired about how prisoners run gangs, plan escapes and even order hits with smuggled cell phones.

Run Gangs, Plan Escapes and Even Order Hits With Smuggled Cellphones