Macro Cell Lens Band Lets Your Smartphone Get Up Close and Personal

I’ve never been one to add gizmos to my smartphone, but this handy little macro lens band does make a lot of sense, especially if you are using your cell phone to take a lot of close-ups. The added benefit is that it doesn’t cost much, but looks effective.

macro lens iphone band cell photojojo

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Ways of Letting Go of Your Electronic Leashes

082211_rg_ElectronicLeashes_01.jpgDepending on what kind of a job you have, you might need to consult your phone and/or email quite often but most people don’t need to do this. Many people use their emails, texts, phone calls, and status updates to keep track of what’s going on in their friend circles. But what can you do when it becomes compulsive and you just can’t help yourself from checking up using your mobile device all of the time? That’s when your device becomes an electronic leash and it can be hard to let go of it.

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Facebook Android Phones: Will You Buy One? Probably Not

The Internet has been filled with rumors of Facebook working on their own mobile phones. Am I excited? Not really. I doubt that they’ll come up with anything novel. Still, it remains to be seen what the 4.9-billion-dollar man, Mark Zuckerberg, has up his platinum and diamond-encrusted sleeves.

facebook inq mobile cell phone app social networking

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Philips Xenium Flip Phone: The Best of Both Worlds?

031109_rg_philipsxenium_01.jpgWhen I first started using cell phones, I always enjoyed the clamshell or flip format. I found these types of phones very useful and cool because you could answer and end a call just by opening the flip. I never really liked the candybar form factor. That is until SonyEricsson released their Cybershot line of phones, which could easily double as a point-and-shoot camera. Currently, the model that most manufacturers try to emulate is the iPhone. None have been very successful. You either end up with an iPhone clone or a Crackberry-like device. Philips is trying to revive the flip phone format. Was this revival successful?